•  Bill Crabtree harvesting 2009 crop

  • Iguazu falls, South America 2016

  • Cotton, Rondonopolis, Brazil, South America 2016

  • On the Amazon, South America 2016

  • 13 t/ha wheat crop in England on 2015 Europe Ag Tour

  • Finding ANZAC relations’ graves in Ypres, Belgium, 2015 Europe Ag Tour

  • China Tour 2013

     China-Vietnam Study Tour 2013

  •  China-Vietnam Study Tour 2013

  •  China-Vietnam Study Tour 2013

  •  North America Study Tour 2010

  •  North America Study Tour 2010

  • James Crabtree

     The late James Crabtree (92) enjoying the fruits of our labour

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

About us

Bill Crabtree

B.Ag.Sci., M.Sc. UWA, Cert. IV TAA. McKell medal 2009.

Bill Crabtree
Known as "No-Till Bill" for his enthusiasm for no-tillage and the role he played in the Western Australian no-tillage revolution. Bill began his career with the WA Dept of Ag as a researcher into "Minimum tillage for wind erodible soils" in his home erosion-swept town of Jerramungup.

Now Jerramungup is a leader in the adoption of no-till cropping systems. He then extended this work to farmers in Esperance and the rest of the state which led to him receiving the Landcarer of the year award in WA in 1996.


Bill spent a year in Canada in 1996, learning how they do no-tillage. While there he co-edited their book Advancing the Art of Zero Tillage which is on the ManDak website.


He returned to WA as the Scientific Officer for the WA No-Till Farmers Association for a five and a half-year term.

Consultant and farmer

Bill is now a consultant specialising in no-tillage technologies based in Cannington WA. His home state now boasts an 90% adoption of no-tillage and no-tillage has dramatically improved WA's production, especially in the recent droughts.

Bill received the prestigious GRDC's Western Panel Seed of Light Award in 2006 for excellence in communication. This was particularly for the role in extending information on no-tillage and biotechnology.
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Why Bill got into No-tillage (pdf 671 kb)
Written for the CSIRO Carbon Kids Project. Reproduced with permission of CSIRO, December 2010.
In December 2007, Bill purchased 3,200 hectares of York Gum farmland at NE Morawa and has been working closely with his older brother Geoff.


In March 2011, Bill spent a month in NSW, Victoria and South Australia providing Sustainable Agriculture workshops to groups of local farmers. He said it was interesting seeing first hand the effects of the flooding, droughts and pest issues for the 2011 growing season. He also sold 80 books.


In April 2011 Bill travelled to Namibia to visit farmers and to speak at the Namibian Farmers' conference. He enjoyed learning of the challenges of farming in western africa and found the locals very hospitable.

In Jan 2012, Bill travelled to North America to speak at three different farmer conferences and was well received. He travelled with the then WANTFA president, Wes Baker. Together they drove across the frozen Canadian prairies visiting agricultural industries and meeting some wonderful people along the way.

2013 has seen Bill speaking on the limitations of cover crops in dryland agriculture. He spoke on this topic in ‘No Till on the Plains’ conference in Kansas in January, and at the AAPRESID international conference in Rosario, Argentina in August.

Bill and farmer friend Rod Birch travelled on to the Cerrado, near Brasilia, in August to view the new farming land of Brazil and to see the array of crops being grown there (see pictures below).

In August, 2016 Bill spoke at AAPRESID conference in Argentina on ‘Experiences with rotations and cover crops in a dry Australian environment’. His full talk is available here.


Bill also plays guitar, has completed 3 Avon Descents, walks with Monique and is an active member of the Liberal Party.

The late James Crabtree

"James Crabtree, my dad, who passed away at 94 years of age in March 2012, also helped me get into farming", Bill Crabtree.


Bill is on the Grain committee of the Pastoralists and Graziers Association of Western Australia (PGA) and is the WA representative of the Producers forum.

Bill is involved in ArCham (Argentine Chamber of Commerce in Australia).

Further studies

In October 2015 Bill commenced his PhD studies in ‘The History of No-Tillage Adoption in Western Australia’ at the UWA Faculty of Science.

Monique Crabtree

B.Min., Cert IV TAA, Cert III Retail and Wholesale Travel

Monique Crabtree
Monique is a director in the business. She enjoys writing itineraries for the Ag Study Tour, WA Farm Tours and loves to travel.

She especially likes to give Australian farmers the opportunity for extended cultural experiences by interacting with locals in the country they visit. (see pictures below)

2012 Study tour

On the 2012 tour, women had a patchwork class at a local shop, farmers were billeted overnight by Kansas farmers, and a Canadian rural kids club cooked us dinner.
Tour group at Tilston Community Hall

2013 Study tour

Vietnamese family from 2013 tour
On the 2013 tour, the Australian farmers spent the day with local farmers helping them with rice and cassava harvest.

2015 Study tour

6 Australian farmers wives spent a wonderful morning at the Flow Cooking school in the town of Albacete, Spain. On the menu were Rabbit Paella and Spanish Omelette.
Vietnamese family from 2013 tour

2016 Study tour

20 women dropped in to a Peruvian market to buy their fresh ingredients before creating typical Peruvian dishes of Potatoes with Huancaina sauce and Rice with Chicken. The cooking venue was the Chocolate Museum in Cusco so guess what was for dessert?
Vietnamese family from 2013 tour

Hobbies and CV

Monique worked as Registrar at Tabor College, Perth from 2007–2012.
She sat on the Board of Directors of Tabor College from 2013–2015.
She enjoys watercolour painting.
Monique worked full time as a travel agent for Mission Travel in 2014.
From 2015 she has been working full time for Crabtree Agricultural Consulting and developing the Western Australia Agricultural tours.
At Crabtree Agricultural Consulting, we:

Bill is well networked with:
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Some of Bill's career highlights
August, 2016 Bill spoke at AAPRESID conference in Argentina
Gave international perspective talk on no-till farming at International Congress of Conservation Agriculture in Winnipeg, Canada.
Farmer keynote speaker at European Conservation Agricultural Federation (ECAF) conference, Brussels
Speaker at AAPRESID Conference, Argentina
Speaker at No-Till On the Plains National Conference, Kansas
WANTFA 20th Anniversary Dinner Keynote speaker
ManDak and National No-Till Farmer speaker in North America
Keynote speaker at Namibian Farmers Conference
McKell Medal Award
Speaker at AAPRESID No-Till Farmers conference in South America
GRDC Seed of Light Award
International Speaker at Ukraine No-Till conference
Associate Member of AAAC
Made Honorary Life Member of WANTFA
M.Sci. from UWA
Speaker at Capetown farmers' conference
Speaker at APPRESID No-Till Farmers conference in Brazil
Speaker at Pacific North West No-Till Farmers conference
International Speaker at USA No-Till Conference
Landcarer of the year in WA
B.Ag.Sci. from UWA
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