•  Bill Crabtree harvesting 2009 crop

  • Iguazu falls, South America 2016

  • Cotton, Rondonopolis, Brazil, South America 2016

  • On the Amazon, South America 2016

  • 13 t/ha wheat crop in England on 2015 Europe Ag Tour

  • Finding ANZAC relations’ graves in Ypres, Belgium, 2015 Europe Ag Tour

  • China Tour 2013

     China-Vietnam Study Tour 2013

  •  China-Vietnam Study Tour 2013

  •  China-Vietnam Study Tour 2013

  •  North America Study Tour 2010

  •  North America Study Tour 2010

  • James Crabtree

     The late James Crabtree (92) enjoying the fruits of our labour

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far


Search for Sustainability in Dryland Agriculture

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Agricultural Study Tours to Australia

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Boab tree at sunset

No-Till Courses

Two excellent courses run by Bill for farmer groups are Adopting No-tillage and Refining No-Tillage.

Bill wins 2009 McKell Medal

Tony Burke MP, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry presents Bill Crabtree with the 24th McKell Medal

FrankenFoodFacts: ‘Better Know a Farmer’, an interview with No-Till Guru Bill Crabtree

Published on November 12, 2015
An independent investigation into the validity of claims made by pro- and anti-GMO groups. Read the interview here.

No-till farming – an interview with Bill Crabtree

Published on Mar 31, 2014
Bill Crabtree, also known as "No-Till Bill," visited the International Institute for Environment and Development on 28 March to take part in a seminar focused on "No-till farming and the search for sustainability in dryland agriculture".

Definitions of no-till

  • multiple tillage – two or more tillages before seeding (this replaces the term ‘conventional tillage’)…
    Crabtree Agricultural Consulting
  • reduced tillage – one pass of full soil disturbance prior to seeding…
    Crabtree Agricultural Consulting
  • direct drilling – one pass seeding with a full-cut or greater than 20% topsoil disturbance…
    Crabtree Agricultural Consulting
  • no-tillage – knife point or disc seeding with 5–20% topsoil disturbance; and…
    Crabtree Agricultural Consulting
  • zero-tillage – disc seeding without soil throw (but note that some discs do throw soil).
    Crabtree Agricultural Consulting Crabtree 2010: Search for Sustainability, page 9.
Globally, Conservation Agriculture is defined as Zero Till – full residue retention, diverse crop rotations and minimal as possible soil disturbance.
Bill endorses this definition, however, diverse crop rotations are a real challenge in the very dryland farming areas of Western Australia.
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